Twitter is a social media website where 140 character messages, “tweets,” are displayed in real time. Josef’s tweets are pulled into the website on the front page and some other locations, but if you are a user of twitter, you can have him on your twitter feed by following him.

If you just want to see Josef’s Twitter Feed

Visit it directly at:

If you want to use Twitter and follow Josef (and others)

  • Go to to and register a new account.
  • Visit and you will see a “follow” button:

How can I follow Josef on Twitter?

  • Click Follow and now, when you visit your Twitter home page, you will see all of Josef’s tweets.
  • To add other people, click on Find people in the top right menu.
  • Type in a username or a first or last name in the search box and click Search.
  • When you find the person you are looking for click Follow on the right side of their name.
  • The “Follow” button should change to say “Following” with a check mark and then their status updates (tweets) will show up on your Twitter home page from now on.
  • If the “Follow” button changes to “Pending” then the person has set limits on who can follow them and you have to wait to be approved.