To ensure you are getting your important, timely messages from the Schachter Energy Report, please ensure that the e-mail address “” and “” is whitelisted in your mail program. Whitelisting (or adding an address to a “safe senders list”) ensures messages from the Schachter Energy Report are not perceived as spam.

Here’s a tutorial on whitelisting from Campaign Monitor, our mail delivery system. It covers instructions for the following mail programs:

  • Apple Mail (OS X and iOS devices)
  • Outlook 20xx
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Gmail (Webmail and mobile)
  • Android (Default client)
  • Windows Live Desktop>
  • AOL Mail

Hotmail users should ensure they click “it’s not spam” if messages are appearing in the spam folder:

How do I make sure I'm getting my Schachter Energy Report E-mails?