Josef’s quarterly Webinars are a perk available to Black Gold members only.

What are Webinars?

Webinars (“Web Seminars”) are presentations you can watch live, allowing you to interact with the presenter in real-time. You can also review Webinars later in a recorded format (here is Josef’s archive of past Webinars). You can also view the events calendar to see when the next Webinar is scheduled.

How do I register?

A few days before a Webinar is scheduled, a message will be mailed to Black Gold members with a registration link. When members click the link, they are forwarded to the GotoWebinar site to register with their name and e-mail address.

There is an option to add the event to your calendar and we recommend you do this, to avoid missing the scheduled time!

Register with your name and e-mail address

You’ll receive an e-mail with instructions

How do I attend and participate?

The e-mail contains detailed instructions on how to connect to the Webinar, including audio options.

Since the Webinar is a live event, you need to click the link to join the Webinar at the time it is scheduled, at which point you will be added to the audience of the live event as it begins. Audio is one-way, from the presenter to the audience – viewers are muted, and anonymous to one another. To ask questions, you can submit text in a chat window privately to the moderator, who will present those questions to Josef live.

A reminder is sent shortly before the Webinar to help you remember!

We hope you enjoy this perk of your Black Gold membership.