This walkthrough will show you what to expect after you have reviewed and chosen your subscription and added it to your cart. To complete purchase, you must complete the one-page checkout process.

Step 1

We ask you to provide all personal information in the first section. Every field marked with an asterisk is required. Thanks for letting us know where you heard about the Schachter Energy Report!

Walkthrough: Subscription Check-out Process

Please note that in the password field, you are choosing the password you are going to use going forward. Make sure it is something you can remember! It must be more than eight characters. If you forget your password, here are the instructions to retrieve it.

Step 2

A summary is then shown, showing the charges, and the renewal date. Renewals are automatic. (If required, here are the instructions to cancel a subscription.) The example shown is an annual Schachter Energy Report subscription. Whatever subscription you have chosen will be displayed here; there is nothing to do in this section but review and ensure it is correct.

Walkthrough: Subscription Check-out Process

Step 3

At this stage, you choose what payment method you prefer. For PayPal, you need a PayPal account. For Credit Card, you don’t need an account, you just add your number in a secure pop-up.

Walkthrough: Subscription Check-out Process Walkthrough: Subscription Check-out Process

You must also agree to the Terms & Conditions to proceed.

Step 4

Process through the payment method of your choice. When you have successfully purchased, you will receive e-mailed receipts, and you will see a version of this screen with your details:

Walkthrough: Subscription Check-out Process

Log in and View Reports

The e-mails sent to you after your purchase include information on how to log in with your user name, and the password you set during your purchase. View your account or go right to Reports!