What are the Action Buy/Sell Alert Policies?

What are the Action Buy/Sell Alert Policies?

Our Black Gold Subscribers are paying a premium for timely Buy and Sell Action Alerts, monthly Interim Reports, and Quarterly Webinars. In our agreement we provide Action Alerts to them exclusively for a Five Business Day window, the same as required by regulators for research reports by Investment Firms.  For SER subscribers who realize they want this timely and actionable information, please visit your Account to upgrade to Black Gold.

What are the Action Buy/Sell Alert Policies?SER Subscribers had initially been promised access to the ‘Action List’ which was to be published in the next Schachter Energy Report after the Five-Day window.  An ‘Action List’ is a summary of the names on the Recommended Buy (or Sell) List for which an Action Alert has been issued. The purpose of the Action BUY and SELL Lists is to track the performance of Josef’s recommendations. It will be updated and published each month in the Schachter Energy Report. In addition, the most current Action Lists can be found under the top menu REPORTS > Action Alert Lists, in the same way as the Coverage List is available.  Our first Action Buy List was published today and is available at Action Alert Lists.

Having sent out our first Action Alerts in December, we realized that this practice could leave our SER subscribers without this important information for up to a month. To provide SER subscribers with more timely information about the companies on the Action List, without compromising the integrity of the BG Action Alert Service, we intend to add this information to the Action List on the Sixth Business Day after a BG Action Alert is issued and send an email notice to SER subscribers that same day. The sixth day is also when SER Directors, employees and immediate family members may purchase these stocks.   If this is not enough advance information for those SER subscribers who may be more active investors, we recommend that you upgrade to the Black Gold Service through your Account.

We reserve the right to use any name on our Coverage List as a “TOP PICK” or to disclose individual names on our Action Lists while on BNN or in other publications, provided it is not within Six Business Days of an Action Alert being issued on that company.  This chart helps explain the timing:

A message from Josef Schachter

January 3, 2018
Remember, our ability to recommend stocks and have them react positively is one of the added values we bring to the table. So far, the stocks we recommended have done well for those who reacted right away. A few of the names have already rebounded over 25% in just this short while as you will see on the Action Alert List page.
BG Action Buy/Sell Alert IssuedDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6:
SER Notice, Action Lists Page Updated
Day 7: Earliest Public Mention