Schachter Energy Research Services Inc. is a Calgary Alberta based company that was originally created in 1996 as Schachter Asset Management Inc. It was renamed in 2017 when the Schachter Energy Report was launched.

The company also provides independent Oil and Gas Research for Maison Placements Inc. of Toronto for their institutional clients, and provides consulting and advisory services for companies in the energy sector.

Josef Schachter makes keynote speeches and corporate presentations to various corporate and NGO organizations and at conferences across the country.


Above all else we value:

  • Integrity in the way we conduct and present our independent research

  • Transparency in our business dealings with subscribers, providers and the companies we cover

  • Value-added information and analyses helping companies and individual investors manoeuver through energy business cycles

“I prefer to take a long-term view versus a trading approach. Find the bull market window and then invest in and support the great companies with exciting growth profiles. For companies to excel, they need to have great people, projects that make sense, and the financial capability to execute, and this is what I delve into when doing my research.”

JOSEF SCHACHTER • Investment Philosophy

“After seeing you on BNN I thought you were one of the most informative analysts they have ever had on the show. I certainly like your style and sense of humour and it is more than obvious that you have done your diligence. You were right and your report is excellent!”

Mark Mazalo, Red Leaf Moulding

“I absolutely enjoyed listening to Josef’s presentation at the World Financial Outlook Conference and can’t wait to get his recommendations. I understand what happens at the field level having been in the oil patch for 25 years. It’s a pleasure meeting someone that seems to understand the oil patch from the ground up, not the other way around!”. Рейтинг лучших сайтов онлайн казино на деньги с лицензией.

Ivan Bergman, Eidnet